Kinfolks is a Sitcom based on the character Cuz’n Pete derived from the character ‘Cousin Pete’ in the John Singleton motion picture ‘Poetic Justice’ starring two of the greatest icons in the music industry, Janet Jackson, and the late Tupac ShakurKinfolks combines comedy and music reminiscent of the short lived sitcom from the 90’s “Out All Night” starring Patti Labelle, Morris Chestnut, and Vivica Fox. Although “Out All Night” boasted a star studded cast led by Ms. Labelle, and guest starred a variety of recording artists each week, it did not have a true comic presence to make it thrive as a sitcom.In contrast, Kinfolks in addition to veteran stage and screen actor, and the hilarious nationally touring comedian Keith A. McCary Sr, will also feature several of his hilarious comedian and comedienne friends, in addition to several popular national recording artists and actors in supporting roles.Kinfolks will be attractive to audiences of all ages, as it comically embraces the conflicts in the life of Cuz’n Pete as he referees the daily disputes and issues between his nephew and his two sons.  Added to the equation is the spirit of his deceased wife, whom no one else but the audience can see besides Cuz’n Pete, and an ensemble of other colorful characters who play relatives, that are either choosing sides, or concocting schemes to get a piece of Cuz’n Pete’s winnings or a job in his restaurant and nightclub. Cuz’n Pete, the Fred Sanford of the new millennium, is a widowed auto worker from Cleveland, Ohio. He has won the Ohio Lottery ( Cuz’n Pete Takes A Vacation – The Movie ) and has settled in a popular tourist community on Florida’s  west coast where he has purchased a beachside Nightclub and Restaurant.  Cuz’n Pete, also utilizes his lottery winnings to provide a better life for his sister’s two teenage children,      Nephew ‘Lil’ Red’ (  Keith ‘Kl’ Lewers ), and Niece ‘Princess’ ( Nadia Brown ), and an illegitimate son ‘PT’ who is played by comedian ( Joe Torry ). Dr. Juanita Bynum plays the spirit of his wife ‘Wendy’.Jealousy and Jokes abound as they all bump heads as they jockey for position each week!  And, when you mix in the children in Cuz’n Pete’s newly established youth center, you have the recipe for a variety of endless very hilarious misadventures, as well as, a variety of educational storylines in each episode.Each episode of Kinfolks will conclude with a moral of the story moment inside of ‘De’Rentas’, that’s the name he has chosen for his establishment due to the fact that Cuz’n Pete claims, “Until we pay off this mortgage, we ain’t the Owners, we is just the Renters!”.   Like “Out All Night”, Kinfolks will be a musical sitcom that will feature a variety of performers, and will be a groundbreaking mainstream entry into television entertainment industry for many of the new R & B, Hip-Hop, and Gospel music acts, as it will feature a different national and/or regional recording artist in the closing segment of the show each week.Reminiscent of some popular shows of the past, The Cosby Show, A Different World, and Good Times, Kinfolks will delve into Topical Subjects as well.  The creators of Kinfolks mission here is to make this sitcom something that the whole family will enjoy!  Mom and Dad, Grand Mama and Grand PaPa, Auntie and Uncle, Sister and Brother, everybody in the house will laugh and enjoy Kinfolks!


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