Cuz’n Pete / Lead Character Played by: Keith ( Special ‘K’ ) McCary Sr.

The patriarch leader of the McMotley Family is a humble, firm, and no nonsense type of guy. He is a Deacon in the Church, and a Team Leader on the job. He is the kind of man that practically everyone is endeared with, due to his genuine smile, charm, personality, character, and big heart. From one to one hundred, folks of all ages love Cuz’n Pete! He has been an autoworker in the Gm / Ford plant for close to thirty years, and has not taken a real vacation in over twelve years. Unbeknown to him, he has won the Ohio Lottery, and although it is by far not the biggest in Ohio history, it is substantial enough for him to take an early retirement and follow his dream of relocating to Florida and open a Restaurant / Nightclub.

Lil Red / Pete’s Nephew Played by: Keith ‘KL’ Lewers

Lil Red is the oldest child of Cuz’n Pete’s sister. He was taken in by Cuz’n Pete when his father Big Red, a notorious gangster and hustler, was sentenced to life in prison, and his drug addicted mom was lost to the streets. A chip off the old block, Lil Red is quite the ladies man, he is handsome and charming, and he knows it. He is in constant turmoil with one of his lady friends on a daily basis, and has been just one step ahead of the law since his teenage years. Lil Red has been with his uncle through good times and bad, and considers himself to be Cuz’n Pete’s eldest son. He is the Entertainment Director at De’Rentas, and does not like the idea of Cuz’n Pete’s natural sons being brought in to the business with them. Unlike the two sons, he got his education from the streets, and the college of hard knocks.

Princess / Pete’s Niece Played by: Nadia Brown

Cuz’n Pete’s sister’s second child conceived late in life she never knew her real father. She has also grown up in Cuz’n Pete’s house, and has known no other father but him. Not having had the pleasure of raising his natural daughter, she(his niece) has become like a daughter to him, she knows that she will always be his little princess! She is in her final year of fashion design school!

P.T. (Pete’s Too) / Pete’s Son Played by: Marvin ( Bigg Marv ) Grant

Cuz’n Pete’s son by his first wife Wendy, who named him Pete’s Too in order to spite his baby’s mama. They say that the “apple don’t fall far from the tree”, and P.T., is no exception to this rule. He has Cuz’n Pete’s same endearing charm, quick wit, mesmerizing smile, and personality. He is also a ladies man, who has become a thorn in the Nephew’s side, always competing with him for women and position. He is a college grad, he feels like he is more than qualified to be Lil Red’s boss; after all, he is Cuz’n Pete’s real son!

P.J. (Pete Junior) / Pete’s Illegitimate Son Played by: Joe Torry

Cuz’n Pete’s son by his high school sweetheart Cha-Cha C. P.J. is very athletic, and very bitter because a football injury has put him in the position of having to turn to his father. Born out of wedlock, and still resentful to Cuz’n Pete for not marrying his mom and making them family, he hates the similarities that he and his father share. P.J. is at odds with both his siblings and his cousin, and makes no qualms about expressing his desires to kick everybody, especially his brother, to the curb.

Baby Girl / Pete’s Daughter Played by: Holly Daniels ( Episode Two )

Baby Girl is Cuz’n Pete’s second child by his first wife, Wendy. She is a brilliant child, a college grad who has just made the rank of Lieutenant in the National Guard. She is also the mother of his first grandson which makes her exceptionally special in Cuz’n Pete’s eyes. She can do no wrong according to him, and she utilizes the love he has for his grandson to her distinct advantage.

Wendy / Pete’s Ex- Wife Played by: Juanita Bynum

Wendy although she may be deceased, maintains her presence as she repeatedly pops in on Cuz’n Pete in DREAM SEQUENCES, can be seen by nobody else but Cuz’n Pete. It’s his constant complaint that, even in her death he can’t escape her nagging tongue. No matter what he does, or where he goes, she is always showing up to give him an earful. The hilarious exchanges between the two of them will make you wet your pants as he trades barbs with this pesky spirit.

Cha-Cha ‘C’ / Pete’s Too’s Mom Played by: Jennifer Trott-Foote` 

Charlotte, or Cha-Cha ‘C’ as she is known by, because of her rapid fire delivery in every conversation she is heard in, was Cuz’n Pete’s first real love, his high school sweetheart, the mother of his very first son. She is a well educated lady of substance who loves the good life. She has been married, and divorced to several different prominent businessmen over the past twenty years, and now that he has relocated to Florida she has access to him on a regular basis. She sees this as an opportunity to regain her place as the first lady in his life, by strategically influencing Cuz’n Pete to put their son in a position of management.

Aunt Sis / Pete’s Sister Played by: Barbara Carlyle ( Episode Two )

Aunt Sis is quite a character in her own rights; she is Cuz’n Pete’s oldest sister who will put you in mind of Madea from the Tyler Perry series. She is a very outspoken woman that does not mind expressing her opinion on any subject. She will not hesitate to pull her gun, and is very protective of her brother. She did not like either of his son’s mothers, and has her say about any of the current love interests that visit. She has got her brother’s back all the way across the board, and is not just going to stand by while “some shameless gold diggin’ hussy tries to wiggle her hot tale up in his pockets!”

Uncle Bro / Pete’s Brother Played by: Matt Doyle  ( Episode Two )

Pete’s brother, Uncle Bro a retired aerospace engineer has his own issues, and is always coming up with some crazy new investment scheme for them. Uncle Bro’s ideas are really way out there, with probably no conceivable chance of being a success, however we are always amused when he pops in to present them to his brother for consideration. And, the fact that he is a Caucasian Australian makes for some hilarious story lines.

Cuz’n Curt / Bartender @ De’Rentas Played by: Javon Johnson

The son of Pete’s favorite first cousin, Cuz’n Curt is always distributing free legal advice to the patrons of De’Rentas. He has never been able to pass the bar for a variety of reasons, however, because he is an avid reader of the local and national newspapers, magazines, journals, and periodicals, as well as, the fact that CNN is his favorite TV program, he is very well informed on most subjects.

Cuz’n Nikki / Waitress @ De’Rentas Played by: Sherreice De’Von

Cuz’n Nikki has a house full of ‘chillins’ and no man to show for them. She is still very sexy despite the fact that she has six kids. Male patrons enjoy having her serve them, and female patrons are threatened by her because of her amazing good looks for her age. She is not an easy catch though, and is very particular about who she dates, because she wants to get married this time, and she needs a man with benefits.

Granny / Wendy’s Mom Played by: Samantha McSwain

Granny is Wendy’s, Pete’s first wife’s mother. She reminds you a lot of Aunt Esther of Sanford & Son, and like Aunt Esther she is a Bible thumping wise cracking pain in Cuz’n Pete’s butt. She was responsible for making sure Pete’s son and daughter get a well rounded education. Because her and her husband had already retired to Florida some years ago, she is in the position to be a real pest to him on a regular basis.

Paw Paw / Wendy’s Dad Played by: Gary Sturgis

Paw Paw is Wendy’s, Pete’s first wife’s father. He kind of, sort of reminds you a lot of Woodrow, Aunt Esther’s husband of Sanford & Son, a previous business owner himself, each time we see him, he is always trying to tell Cuz’n Pete what he needs to do to run his business successfully. Retired, he has nothing but time on his hands, and he spends most of his time sitting around De’Rentas, sipping on fruity cocktails served with an umbrella.

Lola / Lil Red’s love interest Played by: Diosa Stevenson

Lola is a very spicy Island dish from Puerto Rico. She is the current coordinator for a leading South American fashion magazine.  A former model herself, she is quite stunning, and every time she enters the room the music plays and everyone hears the tune…”The Men All Pause!” Cuz’n Pete and others will have fun as they play off of that each time she comes in by saying…”Where is that Music coming from?”

( The Following Characters will first appear in Episodes: Two and Three )

Bernie Fifeberg / Captain of the Plaza Police Dept. Played by: TBD

Bernie is a ‘Barney Fife type character who thinks he is more important than he really is. A very thin and nervous man whose old style Colt 45 appears to be bigger than him. He is a throwback to the Don Knotts character from Mayberry.

Vanilla Chocolate Puddin / Bernie’s Son. Played by: TBD

Bernie’s middle aged son is a Hip Hop ‘Wanna Be’ who sees the opening of Derentas as an opportunity for him to advance his rap career because no one else has taken him seriously up to this point. Now with Lil Red’s new amateur showcase he now has a chance to be seen by the industry’s power players.

Three Pac / Another Cuz’n. Played by: Kell Whiteside

Because of his great love for the late great Icon Tupac Shakur, he has amassed a great deal of knowledge in the industry, and he too has become another Hip Hop ‘Wanna Be’ and he maintains his presence due to his intimidating size  by doubling as the family’s personal security.

Tip Toe / Pete’s Crack Head Cuz’n. Played by: Omo Tion Gardner 

Every family has one, and this is Cuz’n Pete’s thorn in his side. The one cuz’n that everybody seems to tolerate even though they know what he is capable of because of his addiction, however, since Big Mama has laid down the law, “Y’all know that boy is sick so love him anyway!”, they grudgingly put up with him but do not trust him out of their eyesight for a minute.  Omo bka Comedian Tiny, as you will see, is not your typical stereotype of a crack addict which in itself makes for some hilarious dialog and storylines. .


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