Keith ( Special ‘K’ ) McCary Sr. a.k.a. “Cuz’n Pete” a name that he inherited do to his stand out performance as the character he played in the Oscar winning director’s John Singleton’s sophomore film production of “Poetic Justice” that also starred Janet Jackson, Joe Torry, Maya Angelou, Regina King and the late Tupac Shakur. Since then, the role of “Cousin Pete” has endeared him in the hearts of many as “America’s Favorite Relative.” 

This was in stark contrast to his debut role as “Willie Red” in the MGM crime drama “Rush” in which he demonstrated his versatility as an actor along side of such ‘Hollywood Legends’  as Sam Elliott, Jason Patric,Jennifer Jason-Leigh, and newcomer Greg Allman of the Allman Brothers band, who also made his motion picture debut in this very same 1991 motion picture directed by Lili Zanuck.      

The name of his company MakWorld Entertainment is derived from his last name, and was the brain child of his two youngest sons, Kraigand Kristofer, back in 2004 when the company was first established.

In addition to serving as an Executive Officer ( CFO, COO ) for several corporations and entertainment related companies over the past ten years, Mr. McCary is developing a Non-Profit Organization to benefit the Heavenliness, Helpless, Homeless, and Hopeless Children in the communities around the country with his Cuz’n Pete BBQ Events!     


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